Anti-Exploits for a game

Hi all! Hope your having a great day today. I just recently launched a game with RazorFishGaming and someone else. We have all found out that someone has been exploiting the game

  • killing everyone
  • speed hacking
  • fly hacking

I personally have never thought about anti-exploits, so I have come to the devforums for help.
Any ways I can stop this from happening?


Do you guys do hitboxes on the clientside? That would be why an exploiter could kill anyone. As for speed hacking and flying you could record there movement and then compare those frames. Another way to stop speed hacking is asking the client through a remote event for their walk speed and act accordingly.

This question has been asked countless times. Have you searched the Developer Hub and seen if any of those threads answer your question first?

In any case, I’ll offer some comments.

This is a case of bad coding structure. You simply need to fix the way you handle damage interactions with other players.

A common response to this has been reverting changes if a player’s velocity overextends what the server sees a character’s WalkSpeed as. There’s other solutions that you can search up quickly.

Don’t have an answer for this one actually, but I’m sure this has been asked before. Just search.

Good. First before thinking about anti-exploits, think about fixing your coding structure so exploiters can’t take advantage of holes in your game’s security to perform some of the exploits they do.

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thing is, the game has nothing got to do with fighting?

Unfortunately, I assumed that it was a fighting game because of the “killing everyone” bullet point. It doesn’t really help that there wasn’t much context provided for this thread. Even then however, that doesn’t exactly change my point aside from the “fix your damage interactions”.

Clients killing everyone is a result of bad coding structure on your behalf. There is something in your game that exploiters are taking advantage of to damage or kill other players.

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hmm ill look into my code. Thanks for the help :grinning:

Can you give any information about how they kill other players? As exploiters have plenty of ways to kill people.

they randomly kill everyone in the server at once. It happens extremely randomly

Do they get flinged away or is it like they really die with their health at 0?

when their health is 0


Oh well then yeah then i think you should take a look at your code, i wish you luck with finding the problem.

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Regarding the killing everyone issue

  • First, make sure you haven’t got any bad plugins inserting scripts or any sort of unknown scripts you have. Take a proper and deep search. You can open up some of the hidden services for any hidden scripts in Studios settings

  • Ctrl Shift + F and type in :TakeDamage and :BreakJoints(), there is a possibility that you have a script you do not know about that could be doing this and having a gateway for exploiters

You need to realize something. The only way an exploiter could kill everyone in your game, is by exploiting a weakness. This weakness could be a remote event telling the server that it’s doing an attack and where that attack should be.

You need to elaborate more on if there’s any in game features that allow you to kill someone.

If you have any publicly-available “admin commands” I would remove them. Make your own if you really need it, but in reality a few custom kick and ban commands is all you need.

Exploiters use a tool to kill everyone. To prevent them using them you should check if there is another tool added to the bacpack or you should check if the script in the weapon changed.

Backpacks don’t update on the server if the client adds a tool locally

You should check the humanoid’s WalkSpeed if the WalkSpeed changes you can kick the player. And you should check if a humanoid added or removed in the character.

Walkspeed doesn’t update on the server, only the physics do. If you’re suggesting to do this on the client then an exploiter can delete it.

They fly with 3 tools which needs to be added to the backpack. So you can check if a tool added in the backpack. I would suggest you to search these tools because I don’t remember one of them. One of them is BodyGyro other is BodyVelocity.

Once again, this isn’t updated on the server if added locally so it wouldn’t work.


You should consider reading what “BodyGyro” is
It’s not even a tool and all your answers can be bypassed without trying
Please refrain from giving answers that wouldn’t actually help the user
Also “BodyGyro” and “BodyVelocity” aren’t the only things that can be used for flying
User should do what Colbert said