Anti hookfunction, Anti metamethod hook, Anti Table modification / Hooks, Anti script viewer, Invisible client script

First off. THIS IS MY LAST POST ABOUT THIS. From now on I’ll simply update everything I do related to this INSIDE of this post. LAST TIME BUMPING.

I do honestly not have to much to say in this post, I just wanted to show my new detection / anti script viewer. Before that though here’s my accomplishment list: — – - — - - – - - - – - - - – -
Anti metamethod hooks, Anti Hookfunctions, Anti table modifications / hooks, Anti script viewer and Invsible client script.

Anti script viewer showcase : Anti script viewer (Roblox) - YouTube

Anti metatmethod hook / Invisible client script : Anti metamethod hook / Invisible client script [Roblox] - YouTube
Anti Hookfunction (NOT FULLY DONE) : Anti Hookfunction Roblox - YouTube

Anti table modification / Hook : [Anti table modification, Roblox - YouTube]
(Anti table modification, Roblox - YouTube)

Synapse updated yesterday, I’ve got A LOT of progress to retake… Both the AntiHookfunction, Anti metamethod got patched somehow.

Currently working on Detecting Dex(NOT MEMORY CHECK), Currently worked on it for: 3 hours

Roadblock, Synapse x, Is updating its decompiler atm, Might mean I have to update a few features. SYNAPSE DOWN.

I gladly take any sort of critique!

PS: I need tips of what to attempt to detect next

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is this ready for use?

Not sure what you mean?? Explain?

oh nevermind ------------------

This is nice, but you should take into account that nothing in the client can be secured, since you are providing it the resources and he owns them inside his machine, after all

It does stop a lot of unexperienced and even some experienced exploiters. Plus this is just for fun I’m not intending to actually sell / give away this for someone to use in their game.

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