Anti Malicious Plugin Script-script?

I want to create a script that can destroy this random script , that keeps randomly being parented to parts and is called Debounce or fix, it keeps changing its name, and it is only inserted once the game runs.


it’s (malicious ) code :

--This an script of ROBLOX Studio. Do not delete it, this script secures your game from exploiters.


if not game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio() then

First of all it’s already clear that it’s a malicious/virus script.
and also when you solve 397.86020086+0.00000400)*9305953)
then it gives --–/library/3702468367/ab Please do not visit this link, it is only provided to show what the virus script requires into the game.
So anyways since I don’t know how to script an anti virus script, I came up with this very ineffective and defunct script

local target = workspace:GetDescendants()
for _,t in pairs (target)
local x =  t:FindFirstAncestorOfClass("Script")
for x,d in pairs do 
	local g = d:GetChildren()
g,loopedclass in pairs (g) do
       if  loopedclass.Name=="Fix"
then loopedclass:Destroy()


**Don’t know how to loop for this specific case


I don’t exactly know why you are looking at the trouble of deleting your issue via a script, especially when a backdoor is not forcely only called “Fix”, it could change anytime upon plugin update,

Just look which plugin adds random script and remove it permanently.


I assume your main problem is how would you make the script work, but as for the first problem, can’t you find the malicious plugin or module that’s causing this?

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oh, yeah i forgot to update that, but i’ve got a lot of plugins and can’t seem to point out which one is causing all that trouble.

So you’re saying that it’s valid to let users still have it easy and just update their plugin to bypass your anti-backdoor ?

You’ll have to reorganize your plugins, no matter what you say, there is no way you have 50 plugins and use them all commonly


Here is an idea: click the link that goes to the module, the guy who has the module is porbably the one that made the plugin

So I have taken a look, and it seems like this guy has a lot of plugins xd

Check them out and see the one that you have


So you’ve found yourself dealing with an XY problem. You have an infected plugin that is inserting scripts and you want to create a script that automatically removes these inserted scripts, but your script remover is encountering troubles.

Search through your plugins and remove the infected one instead of trying to do something like this, as it’s not necessary in any capacity. That’s the only real resolution to this problem. Isolate your plugins one by one, search their sources, verify the creators, anything. Just not this script.


Thanks for the tip ,I think after isolating one of them called " 3D Text Maker 3D Text" I got rid of the infection

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Always be careful of what plugins you add to your game. For all you know, it’s sending valuable information back to the plugin creators server or some other similar situation.