Anti-nudity unrealistic issue

Hi, since 2018-2019 the anti-nudity feature applies on avatar having their torso left/right leg same color
and head left/right arm another color. In other word the default shirt of the anti-nudity feature from mid 2017 applies when creating an avatar with this exemple of body color:
note*: this is an auto-generated image from the outfit created

As you can see this is obviously not nudity. In fact, if you want to represent this on a real life individual is like someone wearing sleevless white shirt with white pants? So Is there a way for you to fix that issue?
This is what it shows

In summary I want my character to be like this
but Roblox forces me to wear the default clothing like this
I waited a long time but still no update so now I wanna talk about it.


There’s no “one-way fix” for this. The only workaround I can think of is just buying pants with solid colours.


I know if only an admin could see this.

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Basically you just have to upload a transparent shirt and pants to bypass this.
It’s annoying but makes it harder for people to have inappropriate avatars.

The bad thing is that you need robux to upload them.

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Change the body color of the torso and it should automatically remove the clothing.

I do not think you understand im trying to get my torso left and right leg same color not just remove the default clothing

Yes, that should remove the default clothing if it is different from the left and right arms.

I might be wrong.

Well unfortunately it doesnt work