Anti-RemoteSpy and Anti-Dex?

The title says it all.

Methods I have tried for AntiDex: checking coregui (no work), checking stats and mb data or something of player (would kick if on mobile / laggy), I can’t figure out remote spy. Any ideas?


You currently can’t check CoreGui locally which means you can’t detect Dex Explorer which kinda sucks tbh.

I would say that you could include a type of “password” on your RemoteEvents/RemoteFunctions whenever they get fired, For example, Let’s pretend that this RemoveEvent gives the player that has fired it coins:

    game.ReplicatedStorage.GiveCoins.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Player, AmountToGive, Password)
               if Password == "YourPassWordHere" then
                     -- Give coins
               elseif Password ~= "YourPassWordHere" then
                     -- Kick the player

In my opinion, It might help, But not alot since exploiters can check what arguments have been passed when firing the event.

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Sorry if this is a dumb question but what is remotespy? I don’t know that much about exploiting.

A remote spy is seeing what remotes are fired, the arguments that were passed along, and the local scripts source (for the better ones).

So basically they can detect if any remote was fired with it’s arguments?

Yeah, thats what remotespy’s are. (as the name suggests)

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They can bypass the kick, unless that’s just a LocalPlayer kick.

Any idea then? Maybe getting / passing arguments, tables, meta tables?

You’d have to store the password somewhere on the client, and exploiters will either read that value or simply monitor what arguments are being passed via RemoteSpy.

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Mb data is spoofed on synapse. Besides, exploiters can just disable your anticheat script if you tried, or even disable connections that you may have setup like game.CoreGui:DescendentAdded. Just make sure to secure your remotes and you will be fine in the long run

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This would be bypassed in like a day because remotespy can see what arguments you fire with.


If you want more info on how to patch dex I recommend this post I made. As for remote spys don’t worry about it just make your remotes secure.

i dont think there is a way to stop DEX due to it having a randomized name but you can maybe stop rspy by spamming remote events thru a script.

This would get bypassed in about 5 minutes. Exploiters can just hook the password change it to the correct password on event call.

I actually haven’t attempted to detect Remote spies but the most Ideal way I can think of is to check a Luau stack, If it changes when a remote spy gets executed then punish (NO CLUE IF THIS WOULD WORK)

Hmm, just like this why you won’t leak this method? (I just wanna know why, nothing more)

Script Developers can look everywhere and just patch your method.

ah yes like what happened to the old anti synapse script

You can make a script that looks at the current running processes on the user’s computer. You could search for processes like Dex Explorer, or other exploits that fall under the same concept as Dex.