Anti Scam-Bot Module

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This module is meant to curb those Scam Bots that enter games, and post messages that promise to “Give free Robux”.

Those bots are a pain, and so I made this script. The goal of it is to detect those messages and prevent them from sending, while also kicking the bot.

This has a KeyWords list, and the script first checks if any key in this is included in the message.
This has a number of different settings, including a more advanced form of scam-detection, which I have dubbed the very original name of “SmartDetect”. This works alongside the keywords list, but instead of checking the whole sentence for one single keyword, it instead runs through a list of keys and seeing how many of them are in the sentence. It also checks if the message contains a URL. If there are enough red flags if will determine that the sender is trying to send a scam message.

SmartDetect Settings:

  • SmartDetect - Whether or not to have SmartDetect enabled - Standard: true
  • Threshold - How sure the script has to be, before kicking someone. - Standard: 90
  • Offsite - Get a list of keywords from pastebins, that are likely to be updated, instead of having to re-add the script every time the list is updated. - Standard: false
  • AllowSatire - This tries to allow users to post sentences like “Get robux from”, but it can still result in a kick. - Standard: true

Other settings include;

  • KeyWords - A list of things that if included in a message will result in an instant kick.
  • Feedback - This works similar to Feedback, but sends feedback to you as well. You can have this one on, without having the one that sends feedback to me on.

How do I add it?
Get it here:
AntiScam.rbxm (2.4 KB)
or here:

You need to place it in Chat->ChatModules

I don’t see ChatModules
To get ChatModules, you can run the game and then Copy the ChatModules folder in Chat, then stop the game and paste it back into Chat.

I hope you will find this useful.


With the kick approach, scammers will notice and change their messages to wiggle around the keywords list. They already successfully wiggled around Roblox’s filter system, and they can do the same to your filter.

My suggestion is to silently drop the messages from scam bots, and make the server report that the message was received, so that the scammer/bot thinks their message got through.


Um, thanks for the resource but do you have any purposes for actually adding this to our games.

Personally I don’t find the bots too damaging to my games nor would are us devs expected to take responsibility if people actually follow what they say.

While it may save a few players it is more of something for roblox to implement since the bots only affect developers in neglible ways

If anything they help boosting playercounts a bit :man_shrugging:

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I agree, don’t make it server-side. Just for the client, this way the bot will think the message went through. I like the module though, very neat and easy to read.

How would you say this is different from this similar resource? And why should we use yours over this? @TimerHotel

@LuaBearyGood, I can imagine it boosts playercounts but I wouldn’t think that much… I think having a anti-scam in place makes a suitable, clean environment for the younger demographic of Roblox. This demographic are usually quite gullible and aren’t aware about scams online. If anything it’s just a more clean game-environment, scam-free.


EDIT: Removed this section since I do not want to be interpreted as promoting bots.

While it does create a cleaner environment once again this is something roblox should focus on, not individual developers, because to be completely blunt In my opinion it’s not worth the memory Impacting the entire playerbase to save a few individuals.


They leave within about 5 seconds, so nothing massive.

I agree that it should be a core-function Roblox should work on. Yes, we have the report tool but these accounts are either stolen or disposable, either way it won’t matter as there’s plenty more fish in the sea.


Just out of curiosity could you clone the model from ServerStorage into the ChatModules at run time.
Don’t have to keep a copy of the ChatModules in your game.

i dont understand what the modulescript means, it doesnt make sense at all. why you need to set http service with an “if”