Anti-Scam/spam module for default and custom Roblox chat

I’ve started on a new community driven (hopefully) module that will filter out common spam/scams across many Roblox games. The idea is fairly simple, live-ish updating list of filters that combat mass spam such as bots that post things similar to I just made TONS of ROBUX example! Visit example on your browser to earn ROBUX!

The github is located here


:warning: This module is NOT a replacement for the Roblox filter. This runs before the Roblox filter (Assuming you’re using default chat), and is only meant to combat scam spam, Roblox filter is still required. :warning:

I take no responsibility for any issues this module causes. The code is public, you have full access to everything this module does and uses for data, therefore it’s your responsibility to read over the code if it causes issues. That being said, I am actively going to try to maintain this module by fixing bugs, improving features and keeping the filtering rules updated.

Why should you use it?

  • Easy install, simply put it in as a chat module (Unless you have custom chat!, please read github for further instructions!)
  • The lists are self updating every hour (configurable). Spammers will obviously change their sentences and you don’t want to have to update your entire game to change the filters.
  • The lists are setup on a github repository that will allow multiple people to contribute to the list of things to filter out. It’s on github, that’ll mean it’s scalable and reliable uptime for a central list.
  • You can provide custom filters using your own hosted JSON files, or even use a custom ModuleScript
  • Integration with custom chats are possible!
  • Better experience for your players, so they won’t see the scam/spam messages as much, and possibly even save them from getting scammed

What are the downsides?

  • Currently it’s the first version of the module, and doesn’t provide a ton of different filtering options, but it gets the job done.
  • You have to manually update the actual module code itself (until package sharing is a thing, though you’ll still have to review the changes)
  • I am going to manually review all the new filters to ensure it’s not abused (I.E people committing filters that will filter everything, period.), this means there could be a delay between committing new phrases

Goals for the project

  • Get tons of games to use the module and reduce the amount of spam from those pesky bots. Current goal: 100 games. (I have no way of tracking
  • Perhaps cause Roblox to fight it better than this module can.
  • Have multiple people contributing to the project itself (improving filtering and adding more phrases to filter)
  • Perfect detection of scam spam with no false positives

Other info

Please report bugs, post suggestions, and discuss about it on this thread.
If you want to submit phrases/words/websites, please direct message me instead of posting here (As we don’t want scam websites to be posted publicly)


Although roblox has done its best, but this bot has caused all the games to clash with other games. In addition, they also provide website scam addresses for players to fool with other players.

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The idea behind this is great but I kind of see a big issue behind this. The reason I feel that Roblox hasn’t done much about it is because that type of stuff is extremely hard to filter out when it’s not inappropriate language etc. People already complained about the extreme censorship which I feel this might make worse of the script things it has something to do with a scam. What I think needs to happen with this, is it needs to be tested in a larger game to see how efficient it actually is. And to also see if the players feel that it’s worth it overall.


This is definitely needed, I might try it out.

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Stopping I just made TONS of ROBUX example! Visit example on your browser to earn ROBUX is easy enough to do, the scammers will obviously change their sentence a bit, but that’s what it will have community input to update it to be on top of them.

Well, if the filters on this are that bad, then I’d agree, but it is literally only going to filter out actual scams. I started on exact pattern matching of the spam above, so unless a player is repeating what they say exactly, it’s really not going to censor them any worse than the actual filter already does.

I agree! But again, if you review the code and current filters, you can see it shouldn’t filter regular chat at all, period. If it does, reply and help improve it! after all the entire goal of this is simply to stop the spam of robux earning websites, not the filter player spam of “a” repeatedly.

This is great! This is something that should already be in place to be honest. I can only imagine how many people fall for those chat message scams.

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That’s awesome. This module is super useful, and is going to prevent those bots from joining your game and spamming spam messages. Good job!

I see what you’re saying about the censorship part and I agree with you broadly, however, this won’t really add to the problem. Part of the issue with the ROBLOX censor is that it takes context into account - meaning you can say something by themselves but in other circumstances those words are cut out. By blocking out more specific phrases and not taking context into account, the only people affected by this should be spammers. This can also be used to easily patch and block things before ROBLOX and fill in the gaps of the current word filter. Using this, or any chat filter, developers can block out bypasses that people use to say things like the n-word and other expletives.

I completely get where you’re coming from, but I don’t think that you need to be worried about this.

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