Anti Spawnkill spawns

What I’m trying to do: Make a spawnpoint that won’t let a player spawn if somebody (enemy that isn’t on the same team if it has teams) on the spawn.

What I’ve tried: Cooldown the spawns after a player spawned on it but players can just camp there and spawn kill.

Problem: If all the spawns are near an enemy like 10 studs, there will be no studs and players will spawn at 0,0,0 and automatically die. (When all spawns are occupied, choose a valid spawn like in Arsenal)

Help, somebody?

i think you have to put random spawn script so it make players spawn randomly (at spawn area) i think this script is hard to do for me may take weeks to figure out how to make it you also could add 10-20 spawn location for players that they can select and have camera to see if there are players in this spawn locations


if you want to make like arsenal you can make the team switch when the player select a spawn location and after he respawn he switch back to his team so every spawn has a certain team

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Make a zone3 around a spawn, check each spawns zone3 for enemy players, find one that has no enemies. If they all have enemies, choose the one that has the least enemies or has enemies that are furthest away.


i was thinking about that…

I mean its a good idea but what about team mates and if all the spawns are occupied as in an enemy in each zone?

Just set player position as soon as they spawn, with a log of each spawn, compare each one, find the closest player to it, the one with the player nearest to it that is the farthest away is the position you set your player too.

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way easier to read than script this time