Anti teleport script, securing

Today when I was thinking about really good touch bricks I thought that an exploiter could just delete the brick and bam they can just walk through. I’m working on that issue, but I found another one in the mean time:
teleporting right behind the brick. So I though of checking the last position but then it came to my mind, abusing it. Exploiters could just teleport other players to get them kicked. If you have any solutions please tell them to me! Thanks!

If they can teleport other players, there is a quite serious security issue if your game depends on this. Though they are able to move other players by abusing their own physics. If you include more info to make the situation clear, I could possibly help.

Uh, so now that I retried changing the position locally, it didn’t work for the player I changed position eighter my memory has failed me, or I changed the wrong position, thanks for letting me know about that tho!