Antonio6643 | Programmer for Hire


πŸ“œ About Me

Hey there! My name is antonio6643 and I’m a very experienced programmer both on and off Roblox. I have many years of experience with Lua, as well as JavaScript and Python.

Nearly all of my work is commission-based and I have contributed to a variety of different games and development teams.

πŸ’‘ Showcase

The vast majority of the things I scripted live in a folder on my hard drive, but I do have a few solid examples of my skills uploaded. If you would like to see some more of my work or a specific subset, feel free to ask!

Solo Projects

Aim Training Place (150k+ visits)

Hyperbolic Aim Chamber - Roblox

The Hyperbolic Aim Chamber is definitely my flagship project. The place was designed and scripted entirely by me, including the UI, the guns, and the AI. I have plans of redoing the AI and making it more customizable so that the user can better train their aim.

Maze Generation

Hyperbolic Aim Chamber - Roblox

This is a simple maze generation system. It uses the recursive backtracking algorithm to generate a maze based on the parameters supplied by the user through the UI on the side. I also added support for rooms inside of the maze using a custom algorithm.

Simulation Training Place

[ALPHA] HyperbolicTops - Roblox

HyperbolicTops is a training place designed to be used by military groups and war clans. It lets users load commonly used maps and weapons and practice with them. It has free VIP servers in which the owner is given high admin and can give admin to individuals or ranks in their group through a sleek interface.

YouTube Clone

:warning: This project is unfinished!

This was a Youtube clone I was making on Roblox called RoTube. The game uses VideoFrames and gives you a random video each time you join.

Right now I have no plans for this project; however, I may turn it into a fun little game in the future.

Time Manipulation Game

Artificial Time - Roblox

This was a time manipulation game I was working on. You can use the slider at the bottom of the screen to slow down or speed up time.

Cursor Customization UI

Knu JTech - Roblox (Unfinished)

This is a cursor customization UI that I plan on releasing as an open source model after it is complete. The UI has various sliders and toggles which directly affect the preview seen at the bottom.

OOP Module

(OOP) Class Module

Games I’ve Worked On

Circus Trip by Maxx_J (85 million+ visits)

Circus Trip by @Maxx_J

I often complete bug fixes for Circus Trip on a commission basis.

Day of the Dusk by dylanjkl (5 million+ visits)

The Border by @dylanjkl

I created the capture point system used in Day of the Dusk, as well as a few other smaller scripts only accessible by a few people in the AEGIS group.

WORLD DEFENDERS - Tower Defense (57.2 million+ visits)

WORLD DEFENDERS - Tower Defense by Spectral Roblox

I’m a hired developer for Spectral Roblox. I mainly contribute major and minor bug fixes to the World Defenders game; however, I am sometimes assigned to adding new features to the game.

πŸ’³ Payment

I generally only accept payment in USD after I have finished my portion of the job. I do not accept percentages unless it has been discussed. All of this is negotiable of course, so if you have another payment idea, feel free to inquire! :D

πŸ“ž Contact

The best way to contact me is through Discord. My discord tag is antonio6643#8700.

If you prefer not to use Discord, here are a few other ways to contact me:

DevForum: @antonio6643


A good developer with a varied degree of knowledge in various aspects of programming making him a versatile developer for a variety of possible projects. :slight_smile:

Would defiantly recommend Antonio. :+1:


Hello Antonio, I have sent you A friend Request on Discord here’s my Discord ID Josuke#8409. I would like to get in contact with you, Anyways Great Portfolio.