Any advice for learning 2 programming languages at once?

Hi, So currently I am taking a programming class and the language it centers around is Java. But I am also trying to get into Roblox scripting, so I would need to learn Lua. Does anybody have any experience and advice for learning 2 programming languages at once?

I don’t think learning them both is the best idea, as it can cause confusion. The best thing to do is 1 language first then learn the other one. It depends on what language is top priority for you as of now. Mastering a language is a whole different talk as well, because it can take months, to a couple of years to really master one, depending on your work ethic.

The best advice I have is you should work on the learning the language that is more top priority for you now, then wait a couple of months to learn the next.

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For some people it is super easy to learn multiple programming languages at once, however some people would also struggle to do so. If you are struggling learning 2 languages at a time simply choose to learn one now till you are comfortable with it and then move onto the next one.

This is more about general learning, and the most obvious answer is if you cannot learn all the information at once you need to break it up into smaller more digestible pieces. Each person has their very individualistic way of learning things, that you have to ask this question already means you are not well capable of learning the way you want to and should stick to the method of learning you are well accustomed to.


I would say it’s a very good idea. Programming languages have a lot of similarities and I don’t see what’s wrong with learning two at the same time. What I would is first learn Java from a class, and then apply it to Lua.

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They are different enough that it is unlikely to cause too many problems, but remember you can always learn one before the other if you cannot learn multiple at once.

I think it is the best to start with 1 of the 2. If you are more comfortable with 1 then you can learn the second one quicker then the first one because you know some programming basics.