Any advice on how to learn footplanting?

I’m looking to create a four legged robot that moves freely over small slopes and ledges.

I’ve never tried to use footplanting for anything before so any links to anything IK (inverse kinematics) or footplanting related are very appreciated

I tried a bit of browsing on the dev forums and the most i could find was wildly confusing R6 Footplanting scripts i need sort of a detail as to how it works and less of a “heres a script use it in your game” i’m trying to learn not plagiarize

any help is appreciated this is one of if not the first forum post i’ve made so apologies if this is in a wildly incorrect category

Psuedocode with interactive website for IK method

My implementation:

See the unity tutorial

Also curious if you wish to do it procedurally, or complemented with animations.


I’m a bit confused but i think i get the gist of measuring the height the foot needs to be planted at aswell as knowing when to take another step, i’ve never worked with unity so translation may not be the easiest but for now i’m going to mark this as the answer thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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