Any advice on what to add to my map?

So I just made this map but I think it looks a little bland. What can I add to make the gameplay/looks better of my map? The game that this map is for is a fighting game.

Here are some screenshots:

Thanks for helping me out!

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  • Expand the floor a little bit
  • Add a shop or similar.

  • Add more shadow but not so much

  • Lower the fog a bit

That’s my opinion… Great job on the map though! :+1:


I assume the fighting is like Super Smash Bros where it’s on a 2-dimentional movement system and a camera fixed on those axis with occasional movement to keep players in frame. If so, then I say simplicity makes it easier for players to focus on the gameplay rather than the background.

Use of color contrast can be used to distinguish the character from the background. If the angle is fixed, then I’d add more stuff into the “background” and try to not make that negatively impact the foreground.

I find it difficult to share what to add because I’m not sure where the camera/gameplay is situated. If you add a bunch of stuff around the tree that’s in the center of the image, like a town or something, that could obstruct from the gameplay. Maybe mushrooms around the dark void, changing the void to water or something else. There could be smaller trees, rocks, or foliage on the outer walls/terrain.

I’d also personally tone down the fog. Hope that helps!

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robloxapp-20240531-1816139.wmv (67.4 KB)
As you can see here the camera is in first person. But I dont know if the map is too big cause I was working on some other maps and they are about this size.