Any current active ways to use discord API in roblox?

Recently I’ve been trying to make a kick request that kicks the user from the discord via Roblox. I believe all the code is proper and nothing is out of place just when I RequestAsync nothing happens and it does not kick the player, it doesn’t even output an error either which is quite strange I believe. So I’ve researched it and found out discord api is no longer compatible with roblox. So I was wondering if anyone had a solution to this problem I have come accross, for a better understanding of what I am trying to achieve, I will link the code below:

local response = http:RequestAsync(
								Url = "",
								Method = "DELETE",
								Headers = {
								authorization = "AUTHORIZATION"
							print("Workety worked")

Any and all help is appreciated, thank you in advance :smile:

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From what I know. this isn’t possible… unless you use a proxy.

How exactly would I make/create a proxy and would it work 24/7?

There have been various methods employed by individuals to utilize proxies on Discord for sending webhooks. I suggest locating relevant posts that offer tutorials on this subject matter.

I see but this is for webhooks, would it still work for sending different api methods?

Heres a widely used proxy that can help you:

Depends on the proxy.

This is only for webhooks…

I’ve already tried hydra, doesn’t seem to work.

Oh sorry, didn’t fully read it.

Try printing response, what does it give you?

You, could wrap it in a pcall. So, then you can see if there is an error message, or an error at all.

@7z99 @legoman3716 I’ll give both of your responses a try, thanks.

Update: The API works fine, the api is not the issue, the issue is the id.Value part of the code, for some reason when I put that in it breaks, but when I just put it in as a one string, it works perfectly fine, anyone know a fix for this, I tried using tostring(integer) to try and convert it but it didn’t do anything.

If it didn’t convert to a string. Then it converted to a value known as nil. Which is like false but, not any true value at all.