Any exercises to take the next step in scripting?

Hey, looking for some exercises to improve overall scripting, maybe some tasks/challenges if any body has any to throw down below?
I’ve been scripting now for about 7 Months now, but not personally sure what level I am at, and looking for some challenges to find out, and of course improve! Everyone is welcome to throw a challenge in the comments, and everyone is welcome to complete a challenge (as long as it isn’t then spoiled for others).

Thank you in advanced!

tl;dr: drop some challenges below if you got any, thx


Hmm, my way of exercise is making a small game/system… so mostly… I go from small project/system to big project/system… for example first exercise is like uh let’s say… a round system… and then it gets big to like a egg hatching system or whatever… oh and I set a timer ex: I have to finish this in 24 hours or 1 week ect…

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I’d recomend making one fun system (which I started then stopped cuz got bored and currently I’m developing my another game) - creature AI

Well, basically it can be worm which is walking around and can eat food/rest/get bigger when gets required amount of food.

Also try make food spawn randomly by script (so location is randomly generated by script yes)

At this point why not try making a game whether you finish it or not your still gonna learn a lot.

Something I’m doing to test myself right now is re-coding Cookie Clicker in Roblox.

Thank you everyone for contributing!
I personally have made about 3 games (ATM), with 2 currently being in progress.
@Phantom9997 I really like the idea there, will definitely going to try this out, thank you for that!

@WhatDid_HeDo Ah yes, I will most likely try out a egg hatching system, I’ve created a Crate system before so I’m guessing it’d be some what similar but with eggs and a automatic hatching after X time?

Recoding Cookie Clicker sounds pretty cool too, hopefully that goes well for you. @THECOOLGENERATOR



You can check my worm AI after you try it yourself or before that to understand what I’m talking about

My place

(Worm there gets faster every time he gets food, and moves toward food randomly (delay is random))