Any feedback for this nature-themed rocky island build?

I’ve been working on this rocky island with preexisting assets, however, I’m wondering what I can do to;

  1. Make it more realistic.
  2. Incorporate any suggestions that are posted here.

Thanks in advance.


You should definitely make those rocks darker

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That was an idea of mine as well, thank you. I’ll change that now.

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umm… They are floating rocks or there are water underneath? idk. Could add some water to it. Overall, pretty neat job!

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There isn’t great depth, it looks to shallow to be real. Kinda looks like the rocks from Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Try adding more pieces that stick out.

Extra Tips
  • Ivy
  • Moss
  • Shades for a color pallet Ex: (Dark Grey, Light Brown, Flint, Etc.)
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Thanks! There is water (barely visible). I will add flowing water soon along with wave effects, but for now, it is just a solid block of “infinite” water.

Thank you for the tips and photo! I’m gonna try my best to make it loo like that. I hope that eventually I can make the rocks look a lot more real.