Any feedback on my first professional game! FPS

Any feedback or advice on my new game?

[NEW!] BattleFront - Roblox

Its quite new and I am the only person working on the game currently. I also rushed quite a lot of things due to the want of the release.

Make animations. Also there’s this weird bug that I can fly infinitely with the rocket launcher by aiming at my feet and jumping


Oh ok thanks for the advice and will look into the bug!

The weapons are extremely easy to break. You just qucikly swap between first and second weapon while spamming fire, and as a result game starts to think that you are holding multiple assault rifles - you can shoot really fast, the ammo is almost infinite because of race condition, and you can barely move. After you switch to a third weapon, you get a HUGE speed boost. For some reason it doesn’t work in apocalypse mode.

The UI is nice, but I personally don’t like pop-up windows, even with dark background they feel messy.
I’d prefer separate screens, like for shop or stats. Also there is a weird sound glitch in the main menu that disappears when you spawn. I think it was supposed to be music, but it sounds like it is being restarted every frame. Before running :Play() you should check if sound is already playing:

if not Sound.IsPlaying then

The gameplay can feel boring for some. If it is movement shooter, then movement should feel more dynamic and maybe have some more mechanics to it. If it isn’t a movement shooter, then it would use some other mechanics like ADS, or some strategical aspects like more complex gamemodes (CTF, objective destruction, king of the hill), different classes or abilities.

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Thank you for the tips and bug feedback! Will investigate into them. The game was quite rushed so there will be bugs.