Any feedback on my lighting?

Any feedback?
Maybe a bit more modifiers?
I currently have 3:image


It looks great! Some feedback I have is to turn down the sun rays. It’s a little bit too bright.


I would agree,image
This is what I have and I dont think I can go any lower without it looks like a donut in the sky,

Good job, it would be great if the sun would decrease a little bit and when the sun’s rays come, give some shade

I would say the sunrays are a bit to intense, and the brightness is a little too high as its kind of washing out the colors of the brick! I also recommend playing around with the atmosphere addition that could really make your lighting that much better! Other then that love it!

Thank you! I’ve gotten a-lot of sun rays problems and I’ll try messing around with the atmosphere.
Thank you a-lot!

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