Any feedback on my new project?

So in short, what I want to achieve in this build is to keep it simplistic and realistic.
The build itself is a logistics drop-off point, where I still need a gate added on the back most wall.

As for optimisation I’ve meshed all the complexer details in the build and attempted to minimize the amount of parts.

Now here’s my question, what could I do to improve it? I am looking at it, but I just can’t lay my thumb on what’s missing.

Image 1

Image 2


Looks good! Maybe add some doors and crates among other things that could be found at a warehouse depoist?


A very interesting build! I like the intense feeling it gives off. One suggestion I could give is to add some sort of lighting to add to the intense scene of the walls surrounding a gate. Possibly some 2 direction Light Poles, and add other assets such as crates. Though you did add barrels which was a nice touch.


Looks very nice. Maybe add a bit more details too it to make it look realistic. Most people normally like realistic games.

– Drinkinix :smile:


Looks good! Kind of like SCP:F genre, at least that’s what most people would think. To me it also looks like a military game AND the mountain complex from Stargate, so great work keep it up!


Thanks for the compliments @DesertedArtist smiley: and you’re correct, it will be a SCP:F facility I am working on, on my own. Would you have a link/image from the stargate stargate complex , you got me curious on what it looks like. :eyes:


I’m afraid I can’t offer a link, I’m new to the Forum and working things out. Just google it and you may see some similarities. Good luck on your endeavors!

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Also, some signs or other details on the wall might make it look as though the space is being used more… efficiently? Anyways, looks really good!

I think it looks great! Maybe if you add some small props on the side, or perhaps some dynamic lighting. Overall, I think you did a great job! Keep up the good work.


Right now, it looks awesome. Try adding some effects and more details to the models. Good luck on your project :smiley:

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I believe he was referring to this part of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

^This is the outside of the tunnel but the inside looks similar to your build which got the attention of huge fans like me and @DesertedArtist.
Your model is awesome and my feedback would be adding more yellow/orange to the ground markings.
Good luck!