Any Feedback on my R6 animations?

Hello! I have been an animator for about 3 years. I’ve made plenty of animations but never really showed them to people. I would just like to receive feedback on my work! :smile:

(these are just some of the animations!) (Links Have Higher FPS)

Rake Sprint


Arrow Stab


Low Quality Fall + Realistic(Ish) Head Twist


Blender Revolver Shot (No gun :cri:


Links For Better Inspection


Rake run - Roblox
Arrow Stab Kinda fast but ill try - Roblox
KeyframeSequence - Roblox
(Keyframe Sequence Is The Fall)

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All these look decent but I really think you could do a better job on some them, knowing you’ve animated for around 3 years. Especially the 3rd one could be a lot better, like you could show more expression to the legs and arms and not make it look like a falling mannequin.

i forgot to edit the post but the 3rd one was not meant to be realistic/a lot of movement it was inspired by a im ded cutscene video!

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ill add a anim i just made tho : D

I’d say they all look pretty good but with the falling animation I suggest maybe making a ragdoll kind of animation so that the limbs more realistic when falling.

the fall is inspired off this : D First Person Animation #2 - YouTube

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Oh ok, so you wouldn’t see the body, just the head, so ragdoll animation would not matter I guess. Still looks cool!

im making a portfolio rn so this is gonna be drafted (inactive I guess lol)