Any Feedback on these '' Little musics ''

After 4 years… forgot i had these little songs, made with Music Maker Jam (AppStore)

I’m planning to put them in my future game, that’s why I’m here asking for some feedback
(Some of them are in SoundCloud)

Enjoy…I guess…


Generally, the dynamics are inconsistent where the sounds’ mix of dry and wet are too distinct. Arrangement could be improved because sometimes, instruments come out of the blue without a proper build-up or transition. Compression on each sound is inconsistent. Sometimes it’s the notes being too dissonant. Pretty much to look around, but they aren’t too obvious to any casual listener. Other than that, they’re all fine somehow in certain qualities.


It is usually better to keep to one genre of music or when transitioning don’t make it random and unexpected.

Songs usually are nice to listen to because they are familiar OR you can predict where the melody will go.

I do have problems predicting where your melody goes sometimes. Most of the time your harmony is fine but choice of chord progressions might not be the best. Finally some songs might need a slower tempo.


They are good ! :slightly_smiling_face: