Any feedback on this UI is appreciated


I am on my third or fourth week of practicing UI design, Made this in about thirty minutes and it’s my proudest work so far. But even though I am really proud of it I know it can definitely be improved. Also want to point out if any colors and wrong or off it’s because I am color blind.


And here is with the background covering the top part


Looks good with Low-Poly, I recommend small gradients.

’Fanciest Box’ could have some more contrast.

Shadows would look good under the bars of 'boxes’

Hope it helped. Good luck.

Few issues that I found to bother me the most:

  1. The style is inconsistent due to elements having different features such as the drop shadow on the title text & it’s absence on the button texts. Moreover, the padding in some areas seem to be off
  2. The curve radius is too big
  3. The text size are struggling to follow the visual hierarchy. Good resource that you could use to improve on that

Now, although I’ve sent you a link to one of the sites, you have to keep in mind that there are dozens of resources like that out there. So I would invest some time to looking through some & find ways to apply the practices to your UI design.

Overall good work, don’t stop learning & keep pushing forward!