Any filter turn a color image into a grayscale version?

Is there any filter where I can turn a color image into a grayscale version?

You cannot do this, although, there is a workaround:

  1. Put the image as a decal or some other instance that renders in 3D
  2. Create a ColorCorrection in the Lighting service
  3. Set saturation to 0

Not the best workaround and only works in some cases.

Thanks, but I would like to apply this to a photo gallery in a GUI.

Then just use a Cheap photoshop on website and make it grey and upload it to your place.

This I know, but my question was if Roblox would do this automatically, as I have almost a hundred images, and this way I will have to create and upload the same amount of images in the grayscale version, consuming more game resources, which could be avoided if Roblox had more advanced filters for images.

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At the moment this is impossible (other than the surfaceui/decal on a block in the workspace and using color correction). You will need to upload a seperate decal which is grayscale.

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