Any game idea’s? I’m clueless!

Hey, I’m Anubis and I’m having a hard time thinking of game ideas. So, I’ve been thing a bunch of hints like sword fighting, RPG, and more but I can’t decide if I should finish these or thing of new ideas, I’m thinking of going for new ideas! It would mean a lot if anybody left me some ideas!



Make a Pie Eating Simulator, and have lots of different Pie flavors

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Maybe a 2D style RPG game where you battle monsters while you go through a story line. Sword fighting games are fun to make but they are hard to get popular.

Hmm, these are some good ideas! I’ll put them into consideration! Thanks for the feedback!

I’m very happy that I’m getting feedback! Game ideas are always a difficult topic, and this really helps to make posts about it!

There’s no need to think of a game idea if your more interested in finishing your original idea. I would try completing your game and see what you can do to make it better - different from existing ones. Some of these ideas look pretty good, finish it if your willing to complete it I wouldn’t just leave your original ideas left outta sight or on the side of the table this looks like something that would attract players on the platform.

This question gets asked very often. This overall depends on what game your interested in you could try making a role play game where you role play as different animals or reptiles something that hasn’t been made on the platform. Just a note you’ve made a thread already I would stay to your original thread.

Ok, thanks for telling me that, also that other thread is a month old I think? I’m pretty sure that it’s down.

And I agree that this topic is asked a lot, I think almost everybody has asked this once, thanks you all for the feedback! Stay safe everybody!

A bit more cynical advice:

Good on you for having an urge to make a game. However, you won’t get anywhere if you try to force ideas, and if you do end up making something out of an idea you forced yourself to come up with it’s most likely not going to turn out very well.

If you don’t have any ideas for a new game, perhaps you should hold off until you do come up with one. Many great things I see have come naturally to the artist over a longer period of time.

That being said, I don’t think ideas can’t come from conversation, but I’d refrain from directly asking for them.

I recommend making a detailed showcase so you can improve your building knowledge. Or I would recommend making a Simulator as a second option. I hope this helped and have a great day!

You can try making simulators that no one has think of. Maybe showcases to showcase your building skills to players. Maybe a shooting game or an RPG type of game.

But just to let you know, do not make your games that you wanna make looks similar to famous games that has been already been published in Roblox. You could get a warning for that.

Make sure its something new and original, and hasn’t been created before. My advice to you friend😊

Try making a fps shooting game, maybe called Sharpshooter? Have like different maps to choose from, then loadouts and a shop, skins, secondarys and other sorts of things you want to add

Sounds like a cool idea. But the name Sharpshooter is not gonna be that great.

Sorry, it reminds me of the peashooter from Plants V.S Zombies, lol

Make a game inspired from one of your favorites but give it a unique quality that shines out from similar games.

I’m making a D-Day game. I can think of 3 Roblox D-Day games at the top of my head, but what makes mine shine out is it’s teamwork mechanic. It is designed so that players must rely on extensive teamwork to complete objectives instead of letting the players go gung ho on the enemy.

I hope this helps.

LOL! Never played plants vs zombie, but i saw it on youtube once.

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Thanks for the feedback! These ideas really help me out.

Make something you are proud of owning. Think abt what games u like to play, “recreate” it but not full on copy it and publish!

Make an FPS game. Build Maps and add map select system. Players like FPS games. Add coins. Don’t copy Arsenal or Bad Business.