Game ideas? I need some help on ideas!

Hey! I’m ANUBIS and I’m wondering if anybody has game ideas? I’ve tried to find some ideas but none of my ideas worked out! So I’d be happy if anybody could comment some ideas!

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Hi I think like something to do with fighting would be cool. Like sward fight or something. I know it’s hard to think of ideas XD

Wow great idea! I might take that into consideration! Thanks for the idea!

You know these days its so hard to get ideas because everything is already taken. If this is your first game you are trying to make then you could try and make a similar game to a different game on roblox. it would make you feel acomplished once you have finished it and it would also give you experience. then after that you can make your own game. an idea will come to your mind sooner or later. and to be honest you just have to get lucky for your game to be popular. there are some games that are better than others but they dont even have alot of players. its just that people find different things interesting. good luck!


Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it!

This question gets asked very frequently including just recently consider searching before posting a similar thread there’s tutorials, resources, that’ll go into details or give you a good understanding on thinking of (game ideas) or finding something you want to create I’ll start simple.

That overall depends on what game your interested in a lot of games nowadays tend to be repetitive and similar to existing games that have been already made including holding your mouse down to gain coins or in-game currency.

I’ll try to not make a simulator game go for something that hasn’t been made on the platform examples: “Bee swarm simulator, Mining simulator” they have items and useful tools they’ll benefit the players instead of in-game currency like most of the simulators nowadays have.

Maybe create a role play game where you’ll role play as different animals or reptiles, or something like being a marine biologist to protect the oceans?

Take two games/settings/stories you like of different genres and think what a crossover would look like. For example…
I randomly pick… Need for Speed and Zelda. Racing in a fantasy setting, pimp your car, maybe roman like arena races with weapons and magic, but with the feeling of high speed cars and the immortal princess as price after defeating the endboss.
There you go. Idea in under 3 mins.

That doesn’t mean you have to go that route but by doing those thought experiments you will discover unique game ideas and mechanics you will want to build your game around.

maybe a boxing game that would have some special gloves, tasks and etc…

Make a sword fighting game or even A shooter, for sword fighting i’d say make it like super bomb surivial build style, a map and a box for fighter’s too play in, Add weapon skins, and make it so each kill grants 2 coins and if you kill the leading player you get 10, Just an idea i made, but didn’t use since i didn’t know how too build or script, so yeah!, if you do end up doing it a lil credit in desc would help alot!