Any GFX artists here?

I’m looking for a GFX artist that can help create a logo/thumbnail for my team’s upcoming sci-fi FPS. I know you guys look at price ranges ranging from 1,000-20,000R$, but do you accept paypal services however?

It will completely depend on the person on how much they want to get paid/ should get paid.

Mind giving us more information? Such as whether you want a render and what style of logo/thumbnail you want? Posting some examples would probably be the best option.

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As of the thumbnail, I was thinking of something like that. I’ll give you an in-game suit which will be featured with a white background and a logo in the middle.

I was also thinking if someone could help me make “spoof” ads for the map

For the picture of a character like Darth Vader’d pose there, I reccomend asking maplestick (@maplestick on Twitter).


Hit me up on Skype. live:dragonsboats

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