Any good name for a simple Obby?

Hey there Devs! Trust you are all doing great!

I am almost done with my Obby, and am finding a hard time to come up with a good name.

You see, there are those famous Obbies which have those adjectives in their name, such as: Mega, Ultimate or Mega Fun.

My Obby has some unique stages, which are kinda fun, I guess. So, I need a name to represent that.

Thanks in advance! Any name would be appreciated!

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The Ecstatic Obby?

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That’s a good name, will add it to my list. Thank you sir!

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Hello, so for this forum topic I would say depending on the theme of the obby that you were making. On the platform you will see sometimes SpongeBob obby, Piggy obby, etc. Those games have themes so what is the theme of your obby is it cartoony, food, sleep, scary, etc. If you can get back to me as soon as possible I could try to give you my input on what’s the best name for an obby.

Happy Developing!

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I’m gonna be honest, it has no theme. It’s like the Mega Fun Obby 2115 stages Just a simple original Obby.

No themes.

Thank you for your support kind sir!

Well then I would just name it something very generic such as “Yossoss Fun Obby”

Have Fun!

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Hmm, simple and nice. Thanks! Will add it to my list!

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