Any Good Trello APIs?

Now, I use the Original Trello API but that’s missing many features such as EditCardName etc…

I was wondering if there’s any other Trello Modules that may be able to do that.

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As far as I am aware the original Trello API by nstrike is the only freely available Trello API on roblox as of present. There may be others who have made their own personal one but to my knowledge none others have been released or resold.

I was wondering, how would I be able to create my own one?

I would suggest first looking at how the original API was made, learn from it to see how it is accessing trello and then begin to rewrite it from scratch. You would also need to look into trellos developer API and into HTTP service in order to communicate between the two platforms.

nstrikes API does let you edit card names though so you wouldn’t have to write your own. It falls under the function EditCard in the API

Oh, wow. I never noticed this! It was never in the Documentation so, I never knew that this was there. Thanks!