Any idea how to achieve this glowing effect?

I saw this spawn in Hood Customs and just wanted to ask if anybody knew how to replicate this effect in Roblox Studio.

unsure of how the developers of that game made it, but I’m pretty sure that could be achieved using regular gradient images and a neon base. although the gradients would probably overlap each other and create a darker image effect. maybe a mesh?

I get what you’re saying but I get this weird issue where one gradient is darker than the other. I’m not a builder so any idea how to fix this?

Edit: Changing the LightInfluence to 0 and raising the brightness fixed it

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Most likely a mesh(UV set up to a flat straight line [can be easily unwrapped using few tutorials]) with a texture(Gradient) pasted onto SurfaceAppearance (Transparency).

But hey, that’s just a theory!

A game theory…

I should’ve marked it complete but I did end up getting it working with a Surface UI, Frame, and UI Gradient on each face.


I see. I thought the problem specifically was about how the beam effect was done since it’s hard to rotate beams like that.

Before this topic gets closed I’d recommend to make the edges of the square more round

Do you know how I can do that?

A mesh maybe? I can try to make one