Any idea how to put a part on your humanoid like the knife from murder mystery

Am trying to put my gun on a humanoid without the person equipping it. so its like a holder.

Hi slinky22,

There are multiple sheath scripts, usually used for swords, in the toolbox. You just have to search and try them out.

Once you find what you’re looking for you can change the sword to a gun. :slight_smile:

Hope this helped!

You could weld it to the players torso and make it invisible when you equip the gun. When you unequip it, you can make it visible again. This can give the effect of putting your gun somewhere when you aren’t equipping it.


Yes I agree with what @OsterDog said, just weld it to the player, I’d suggest using a normal weld, and it will act as a gun attached to you as if you were playing an FPS like Phantom Forces.

I’ve actually answered a question like this before. It was in regards to animating models on players, but I believe you can salvage the post’s contents. It pretty much explains how to do what you’re asking for. Just ignore any bits regarding animating.


Weld the weapon model the the side of the humanoid root part.

To add to the effect you could also do this after a sheath animation.