Any idea on how to start UI designing?

I am looking to achieve being a great UI designer for any project and games.

The issue is I don’t know where to start. Ingame UI tutorials using Photoshop are hard to find and rarely ever find any. I strive to create work as great as Ted Arthur does but, I won’t get there yet.

The main issue is that I don’t know how to scale things perfectly from GUI to Photoshop and then scaling it back from Photoshop to GUI, but in the end it gets ugly.

I’ve tried researching and watching some tutorials on how to scale it to photoshop etc, but my work ends up having white borders or looks very poorly designed.


stick with roblox UIs until you know photoshop if you are making basic interaction buttons or menu roblox can be a good beginning resource

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This article by Quenty shows how to create images for Roblox. Use this resource as an alternative to the GIMP solution Quenty mentions. This starter-guide will get you familar with Roblox’s UI system.

  1. You will get to his level & quality if you try, at least.
  2. Tools such a Gimp or wow thanks formatting for making that a link when you weren’t supposed toare very useful however like @FPSVision said try familiarising yourself with the core Roblox tools.

Have a good one, :+1:


This may seem a bit odd, but I learned basically from messing around in Studio. I took some of the UI Lists, put some frames in them, changed some colors, and kept messing around. I suggest GIMP as the best free photo editor, and Affinity Photo as the best paid editor/best bargain. Good luck!

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Before you start making UI in external softwares, please improve your basic knowledge of user-interface and user experience as if you don’t really understand it, UI you made won’t be as great as TedArthur does, no matter how hard you work on it.