Any ideas for a horror game

You guys got some ideas for a horror game?, it can be Singleplayer/multiplayer

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Chapter 1:Subway Station, You Want To Go Home,You wanted to use the Subway trains. But Before that, you Enter the toilet,Light goes out,different dimension (no one is there) u escaped thru the vents (doors were locked) Weird Monsters are in the station,layout has changed so exit is hard to reach (Panic bar if u are in darkness for long) . Ending: You Escaped But You are still on a weird dimension and one Monster managed to follow you…

Edit:if you make it I WOULD LOVE TO DEVELOP IT


Chapter 2:Home
You Find Your Way Home and entered,it is very weird. Upside down rooms, No gravity?, Its Like Its Tearing Apart. The Monster (Lets call it TROY) Chases you Downstairs To The Basement,Then you must be sneaky (very sneaky) to go upstairs and lock the basement door. Once you locked it,The house is like breaking apart and the distance between each area is getting farther you tried to jump to the front door but you fell into the void and woke up in a school.


Chapter 3: School
(FLASHBACK ) Right Before You Fell,TROY Came Out and followed you. You must venture the school to Get out, break windows/ make things fall to Distract TROY. Ending: You Hid In A Locker: The wall disappear and you fell and found a book with a pentagram on it,TROY Comes in and you throw the book at TROY. TROY is damaged, 50% of TROY health is gone. You Run Into the forest near the school

do you like it so far? please reply so i can say more


Look, I’ll be honest, I think what you say is a little … too much? The concepts are very good, and I would like you to tell me more, but other than that everything is fine. btw, i really would love to do all you are saying

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Yeah i know,i just like to write when im brainstorming, and i liked where it went so i kinda brainstormed more story

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will it be ok if i parcitipate in the development?

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Oh yeah, yes u can, add me later or now, “SanJoseYTXD”

added you @NameSpookbtw

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cant wait to work on it :slight_smile: im soo excited so many potential

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Bad news, atleast for me, i need to go to sleep, Tomorrow i’ll accept so dont worry

My idea (pls take me in if u use this idea) a horror house which bought by few people. It is haunted. People are trying to find the ghost. U could also make a suspense horror. There will be a island and murderer. He is one of the person who came to island. The plane crashed. They found a hotel and a servant. Every nights there would be spooks and letters. After 3 days as written in letter they are. I ll dont tell me idea. Can believe u can steal it.

Actually I like to write real not fantasy.

okay :slight_smile: goodluck ----------------------------

This idea is gonna be inspired by petscop a bit

The game that is totally fine, just oriental, 2d GUI, simple, and after a while something goes wrong, therefore it will become scarier( like petscop not cringe ) and the music will be more distorted, and you will find a grave with censored name, and some wierd stuff after that