Any ideas for advertising?

I’m trying to get some advertising ideas, for my new game Project Horror. Any ideas? I really want some robux, so I can get a scripter for my new upcoming game, Robloxia RPG: The Secret Within. Yes, I know. A really crappy name. (It’s better than nothing, though.) (If you want to contact me on discord, here’s my name and tag: s̶̞̿t̵̑̾m̷̀͋0̵̉̆2̵̡̊ :jack_o_lantern:#2365.)

As of now, some reputable developers are working with popular Roblox Youtubers in order to create games, where both the Youtuber and Developers get a percentage of their game’s revenue, and the Youtuber is tasked with the responsibility of paying contractors for work as well as promote the game when it releases.

Make sure to read this, too. It’s very helpful.


I’m not a reputable developer, though… What else can I do?

I would suggest working your way up. Start by doing commissions for developers on the platform, and just work your way up the ladder.

I’ve been doing Roblox as a full-time job doing commission work as well as working on games with probably 100+ people in the past year, and I’ve worked with a lot of very well known people, you can see here on my portfolio who I’ve worked with.


I’ll try, thank you for the suggestion.

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