Any ideas how I can improve this atrocious lighting?

Let’s just say I’m fed up with Roblox right now. I just discovered today mobile users still are forced into ShadowMap or other older lighting technologies. Looks absolutely disgusting. My focus is working on compatibility improvements (again, why should this be my issue?) so it looks decent on mobile devices.

Basically I have a SpotLight in the viewmodel, so it’s always centered to where the player is looking.

No idea what to change really. Any help appreciated, thanks.

I’m not sure what part is disgusting, but when you zoom in, it seems like your light source is moving in and out of the body part or something and causing strange shadows. Is your light source attached to your camera? I don’t think it will work well if your light source is going inside parts that cast shadows.

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It’s just the terrible shading as I stare down at the tiles.

It is attached to the camera, I felt that created the best overall experience, always being centered to where the player is looking.

It looks fantastic with Future lighting, but anything else sucks, as seen here. I also tried turning off CastShadows on all the viewmodel parts and it still did the same thing.

I got it to look better by adding an additional light only visible for mobile players. Unfortunate how Future is still too resource intensive to get rolled out for mobile. :frowning:

Maybe making a part above the tiles for an “artificial shadow” could work.

Have you tried changing the tile floor materials?
I believe the materials in Roblox have different lighting / shadow properties from each other.

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Oh okay, so the strobing isn’t the problem. Do you have a screenshot with the Future for comparison?

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Yeah, no strobing at all and a more defined cone of light. Definitely something weird going on with the Shadowmap one. Does it do the same weird stuff on pc if you set the whole game to shadowmap?

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Exact same behavior.

Yeah it’s incredibly strange