Any ideas on how I can make this sign a bit... cleaner?


That’s a sign for one of the buildings of a new group I am attempting to create. It’s really choppy and looks basic. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get it to look a bit better?

P.S. I used the “ThreeDText 2” plugin to make the text (ThreeDText 2 - Roblox). I’m open to learning new things and steering away from this plugin if you present the idea!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey! Some ways that you can make it cleaner is by increasing the size by a little bit this cleans everything up, another thing to do is to maybe use a different font as the clarity of the font is not very good. Also for the back of the sign make the back white with a smooth plastic background. If you are up for it try making the sign outlines lighter and make them smooth plastic or look for some better texture for it, but make the sign outlines a lighter brown so it contrasts the rest of the brown on the background. The color currently being used seems like more of a tan. With those things done I think you should be good to go, the plugin you are using does make the text look choppy so maybe try one of the surface text things integrated into Roblox studio, which may look less choppy. With those changes, you should be set!

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