Any ideas on how to create a frosted/obscured glass window?

I’m trying to recreate the window shown in the right of this image:

20161130_P2000710_R_BBW (1)

I’m looking for that blurred/light diffusion effect that it has, how you can’t see clearly outside of the room. Is there a way to recreate this effect in Roblox? I’ve tried using a lower transparency value and putting neon bricks in the windows to create a blur, but nothing feels quite right. But maybe one of those is the solution and I’m just overthinking it lol

Solutions that don’t require external models/textures are preferred; I’m trying to keep my usage of external resources to a minimum. However, if push comes to shove, I’m open to things along those lines.

Thanks in advance.

A decal might look like a budget version. Other than that I don’t have any ideas.

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Try a semi transparent frosted glass decal on a transparent brick :slight_smile:


I tried your suggestion along with making the window part neon and it seems to be the most viable solution. Thanks for your help!