Any ideas on how to keep player retention high?

This is kind of the 2nd time I’ve posted this.

The average visit length on my game is about 2 mins or less. Since the last post I made, I have added lots of suggestions. I am currently working on a daily streak system and code system.

I have tried advertising and sponsoring, but usually about 5-10 people join and not a single one comes back every time I try.

Is there a change anyone has suggestions?

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  • The games lighting needs some work
    It looks like you used the default lighting, which isn’t exactly ideal.
    “Solution”: Crank up the ambience or brightness, for low poly games I usually do:

  • Not much eye candy
    There isn’t any animations or moving parts, so the game just feels static.
    “Solution”: Add tweens. Anywhere you can put them. And maybe add wind to trees.

  • The UI looks out of date
    The fonts are mismatched and all of the UI has scaling issues.
    “Solution”: Use UIAspectRatioConstraint to fix scaling, and go through all the texts and change their font to a newer modern one

  • Inconsistent style
    The lobby is low poly, whilst most of the maps are bricky and don’t have any meshes.
    “Solution”: Make an asset pack and only use that for the entire game. It sounds crazy but works surprisingly well if you wanna stay consistent.

TL;DR: Brighter game = more retention usually. I know this isn’t about suggestions but this should keep players attracted for a while.

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Hi, I’m currently changing the lighting and I will work on the tweens and better UI. As for the asset pack, I’m a horrible modeler and I built most things by hand.

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My plugin has a model pack built into it if you need one.

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Thanks, I’ll be sure to check it out.

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Does this look any better? All I did so far was change the font