SiTools; a Utility Plugin

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SiTools is a simple, all-in-one streamlined utility plugin. No more clutter.

  • Simple UI

  • Pre-made scripts & models

  • Font previewer & setter

  • …and all features are packed nice and tidy into a single widget!

Plugin Screenshots

Subject to change

Home screen:


Toolbox screen:


Font chooser:


v1 - Initial release
v1.1 - Corrected some text with my old username
v1.2 - Rewrote the entire codebase, and made the UI a lot more user friendly

Report any bugs, and request any features if you’d like.


Interesting plugin, what features do you plan on adding?


Well, I don’t have much feature ideas. I made this post so I can gather some and see what everyone wants or likes.

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Hey there! I have few ideas for you.

  • Some gui components such FOV controller, name changer, better chat and etc.
  • Easy painting parts.
  • Community tab where people be able uploading self-made assets
    You did awesome job!

You did awesome job!
I wish you best of luck with this project.

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Cool ideas! I’ll be sure to add all of them. Though, could you elaborate on ‘easy painting parts’? (and ‘better chat’ AANDDD ‘name changer’)

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Thanks for that Font Chooser tab! Really helpful.

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Easy painting in my meaning is when you can just set the color and click on parts to easily paint them.

Name changer is a GUI, that allows you to set custom nickname for RP or any other kind of game.

Better Chat is already an existing system by @Jumpathy, so you can ask for a collaboration.

Feel free to reply to this message in order to ask anything, I’m open to answer.


I’m making my own plugin dedicated to the chat system full of configurations, addons, insertion, and forking the system.


Oh, that would be helpful. Thank you for letting me know. Have a nice day.



SiTools is getting a full rewrite soon. All promised features will be added!

It will also properly match your studio theme, and filters will be added to the toolbox. Any suggestions are still welcome!

Also, anyone using the current plugin is advised to upgrade since v1.1 (current version) will be archived and v1.2 will replace all links.

v1.2 is out and v1.1 is now deprecated! I highly advise upgrading so you can get the latest updates. The post has been changed to show all the new UI and stuffs.

More features will be added tomorrow since i’ve been up for over 11 hours making this…

Oh also I lied, that’ll also come in the next update.