Any improvements or Ideas for my game builds


I am making a game so I need to make sure that the buildings are good before adding other stuff like guis and scripts. I am not that creative but if I get ideas I will be able to improve and add into my buildings.

So these are my builds

All help and feedback will be greatly appreciated.


I would recommend giving a bit more variation on the elevations of your maps. Like, just about everything is really flat and in real life there are few areas that are completely, 100% flat unless you’re indoors. Add stuff like hills, valleys, etc and that would probably help.



Picture 1:

  1. Consider hiding the spawn (or at least removing the decal from it)
  2. Maybe make that little blue tent larger? It seems too small.
  3. The green bush that goes on the path seems a bit too flat and misplaced.
  4. Maybe experiment with the sizing? Cherry trees and buildings seem very small compared to the oak trees.
  5. Add more of those little grass meshes.

Picture 2:

The picture is taken from an odd angle, so there isn’t much I can suggest.

Picture 3:

  1. Maybe add more crystals or alternate the colors.
  2. Make the placement of lanterns and crystals more random. They appear lined up and it can seem boring. Make some further up the wall or further in it.
  3. Maybe make less broken railroad tracks.
  4. More supports and maybe have a few broken ones.

Picture 4:

  1. The overlapping of roads seems a bit off. Try to make the roads connect in a cleaner fashion, maybe?
  2. Not sure what that disconnected road is for, but it doesn’t look right from this angle.
  3. Adjust the trees that are higher up - they seem stacked on other trees.
  4. Take out some trees - they look like they are in rows and the denseness doesn’t seem very natural. Scatter them around, maybe.

Picture 5:

  1. Definitely take out some trees and move the rest. Trees do not line up perfectly and don’t all look the same. Variance in position and coloration would look great.
  2. Make the roadway go to the end of the grass (so it touches the bridge).
  3. Maybe extend the power lines?

Picture 6:

  1. Add snowy bushes or grass meshes on the ground. The ground seems very plain and boring.
  2. Add some variance to the houses. The monotony of color and appearance is also boring.
  3. It may just be the angle, but it looks like the igloo door and snowman are above the ground. If so, you should lower those.

Picture 7:

  1. Not quite sure what this is, but the walls seem plain. I suggest adding a difference of depth and color (as you did on those lower walls).
  2. Consider changing the roof color.

Picture 8:

  1. Add more detail to the pyramid? Towards the top, maybe add some little bricks or something.
  2. Align the top and bottom of the water tank. It may just be the photo quality, but it looks like they aren’t perfectly aligned.
  3. The flat stone platform looks a bit out-of-place. Maybe add a few bricks on top to make it look like ruins.

Picture 9:

  1. Again, consider changing the roof color - that color doesn’t seem to match.
  2. Square gold bricks look odd - maybe make them look more like bars?

I think the walls look fine here, but the floor seems lacking in the far left area.


Definitely add more variance, especially to the walls and ground. Many sections of this map look boring or redundant. Add more colors and bricks. It looks like you’ve put some work into this, and it’s coming along fine.

Best of luck!


It looks really good my suggestions

  1. You can add some flowers next to the trees. And maybe some rocks around the map area in the first picture! And try Adding more grass around the map area…

  2. In the third picture you could also add some little rocks, and some stones around. It since it’s a diamond kind of cave that would also go good with it!!

But for know great job man. Good luck on your game!


Could you provide pictures with higer quality? These are a little bit pixelated.
Here is how you can do it:



Looks nice so far.

  • I would add more detail to picture four, all I see is trees and a tent, adding bushes, adjusting the trees, adding grass, and fixing the road would greatly help.

  • Try not to make your builds so flat, though keep it that way if it’s indoors.

  • Try to add more vegetation.

  • Hide the spawn, and add more variation to the trees

  • Add more color to some of the tedious areas.

Good luck!

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My suggestions:

  • I would add some more detail e.g. some grass or some bushes.

  • There should be more vegetations as like @TheElderWanderer mentioned.

  • The Gold looks a bit odd, you can make them look like bars.

  • You can hide the spawn underneath the map(Don’t worry, you don’t glitch in the map).

  • The map is flat i would add some irregularities.

  • In the grass area you can add some rocks.

  • You could fix the snowman that is flying.

I think that’s all, have fun scripting. :wink: