Any insight as to why my DevEx request was denied?

I recently sent a DevEx request but was rejected 2 days later. The message provided to me was not very informative to me as it only stated the following:

This made me confused because it seems like I have met all the requirements that was stated here:

  1. Minimum of 50,000 earned Robux in your account

  2. Have a verified email address

  3. Valid DevEx portal account
    This is my first time submitting a devex request and it states that I will complete this step AFTER having my request accepted

  4. 13 years of age or older

  5. Community member in good standing, having complied with Roblox’s Terms of Use

My account has never received any kind of moderation action except months ago when I got warned by roblox for uploading a decal of minecraft

I have already submitting a support ticket but in the mean time, I’m interested in hearing thoughts of anyone who is experienced in this already. Did I maybe miss something important?

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Hmmmm, What do the emails say?

According to the support page these are reasons why Dev-Ex requests can be rejected
(considering you said that you haven’t broke any rules, it probably is because of the reason(s) above the third point.)


If Roblox believes your earnings aren’t “earnt” robux , this is what earned robux is

Support will let you know of the reason on why your request was rejected - as long as your rejection isn’t because of a ToS violation.

Hopefully you get approved for it & get the answers you need. :slight_smile:

I am not exactly sure if this also may be an issue or not, but since Roblox now has age verification, you might need to verify your age in order to cash out. They do not explicitly say if you have to verify your age or not so I may be wrong.

Thank you for responding. All my robux should be considered earned because 7,709 out of the 50k robux is from game pass sales from doing commissions and the other 42,291 is from group payout which is revenue from a game I currently work on: [Katakuri 🍩] One Piece Tower Defense - Roblox.

However about the first point “failure to complete the registration…” is that something I’m meant to do prior to submitting a devex request? This confuses me because it says that I will need to do that AFTER my request has been accepted since it is my first time submitting a request.

I guess I’ll just have to wait for response from support in the mean time

I didn’t get any email, I only got a message in my Roblox account which was what I shared in the post

Please reach out to for any questions or concerns about the use of the Developer Exchange program which also includes following up on rejection messages. Besides information listed on the DevEx FAQ linked a bit above, it’s not an exhaustive list and other issues can cause a rejection including updating the account’s email. Only DevEx program operators will know why, not forum members.

No. If it’s your first time submitting an exchange and you pass initial screening, you will be invited to create an account on the Tipalti portal and have to complete that within a week. After that you will be able to receive your payout and future ones as well. They don’t have you do it prior.

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