Any more efficient solutions for welding a character to yours?

I am currently making a system that makes a character weld to your player. As shown here:


The purpose of this weld is to make some sort of “grappling” or hold a character just like you see in combat or wrestling.

This weld also needs to make the other character move relative to your player which it does already…

Here is how the weld is initiated and setup:

local weld ="Weld")
weld.Part0 = playerHumanoidRootPart
weld.Part1 = targetCharacter.HumanoidRootPart
weld.C0 =, 0, -5) * CFrame.Angles(0, math.pi, 0)
weld.Parent = weld.Part0

This works perfectly for the moment. But are there any other solutions I can use to make this more efficient?

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You can weld the grabbed player to the hand of player that grabbed them but it will still use the same code.

Do you think that’s more efficient than what I’m doing here?

There other ways but this is good one since it is very simple to make.

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My bad, Someone found ur solution… But I have found a game, is this what you wanted? I can recreate this script [NON-FE]

I’m interested in seeing the source code for this.

Oh let me make a “FE” one as no one uses “NON-FE” stuff.

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I got the script! I am adding it here soon…

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