Any part with a BillboardGui inside of it with Transparency=1 is now completely visible

Having a Billboard inside of a part that has a Transparency of 1 causes the part to become visible. Setting the transparency to 0.99 fixes it. I believe this is a mistake.
We’re not sure if it’s only to do with BillboardGui’s or not, it seems to happen to other things as well but not all things.

This is happening on the latest client version and it appears to be only effecting newly published games.
This started happening after a client update that went out about an hour ago.



Happens with SurfaceGui also. Also sometimes seems to happen to parts without any descendants… :exploding_head:


I am looking into this right now and have turned off the feature that should cause this, if you can confirm behavior is normal again, that’d be greatly appreciated.


It is now fixed, thank you for the quick fix! Out of curiosity what was the feature that caused it? haha


We previously had an issue where each part that is fully transparent gets its own entity (for more information see here Fully transparent parts counts as unique entities)

And the fix apparently caused the new issue, so the fix needs a fix :frowning:


Will be awesome when you guys get a full fix, sounds like a huge perf improvement.

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Minor perf improvement yes. Probably will not be before EOY as we’re locking down code for holiday break.

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This is also happening for any models that use highlights and have transparent parts inside of them. As soon as the highlight gets parented to the model all transparent parts become visible.


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I’m pretty sure the fix that was applied disabled the feature that caused this bug entirely, so this should be fixed. I can’t reproduce so you should try joining a new server/restarting Studio.

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This should no longer be happening, once restarting.


This bug also happens when hovering over transparent parts. I have already made a topic about this.

Here if you haven’t noticed that:

We were seeing a similar issue earlier this hour with neon parts that were transparency 1.
It looks to be fixed now.

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Do I relaunch roblox studio to fix it?

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Looks to be fixed if you relaunch the game or studio now.

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Okay, I will do that right now! :grin:

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Thanks for the quick fix, was super confused why i saw massive neon boxes in my bug reports channel :smiley:

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