Any plugin alternatives?

I have been using F3X for a few months now and I was wondering if there were better alternatives since I feel that it’s somewhat weak compared to a few others.

I’ve been using F3X for 3-4 years, while it does lack some features I quite like it. I use a large variety of plugins to help me build. Build Suite may help, you can also see what else is in the tool box.

Some plugins I use: Resize Model, Resize Align, Gap Fill, Mirror, Archimedes, and a few custom ones


When I was just starting out I used F3X. It was a great tool, but, there are even greater tools out there. Here are a few I use quite frequently:

Studio Build Suite: Studio Build Suite - Roblox
PartPicker: PartPicker - Roblox
Resize Align: Stravant - ResizeAlign - Roblox
Mirror: Stravant - Model Reflect - Roblox
Ropemaster: RopeMaster (no longer maintained) - Roblox
Brushtool: Brushtool 2.1 - Roblox

Hope this helps!


Though the ui isn’t the best it’s a very good plugin that lets you build terrain from parts and you can still rotate parts based on a not centralized anchor point.

You’re probably better off using regular studio tools as the only real use for F3X is scaling multiple parts at once.