Any plugin or model for In-game explorer, properties, output & command bar windows?

I don’t know if I was clear at all in the title, but I am looking for something like an explorer, properties, etc. window that can be usable in-game. Like if you could entirely edit the game like in studio but being in the game.
Maybe something like that type of windows available (obviously just for the creator, admins or idk) when you are playing in a pubilc server. Let me know if you know something about this.

Btw sorry if my english is bad, I’m still learning it.


I’ve created something like this before but only the explorer and script editor, output, and properties (which I’m still working on). Currently, as of right now, I’ve only released the explorer which can be found here.

Also, I believe this topic is in the wrong category if I’m not mistaken.

Thanks dude. Sorry for the category mistake, I’m a bit lost in those kind of stuff.