Any plugins or tools that will help in making a story game with multiple endings?

I’m searching specifically for a flowchart, and when certain actions are picked, the instances on the flowchart will be true and will lead to the desired path.

Any tools or plugins are helpful! Thanks.

It’s called scripting and it will happen when a certain action has happened


I don’t know much about scripting but you can have multiple branches in your story script that are determined by items in the workspace. For example if someone grabs a secret gun in the middle of the story then the game checks for that gun in the workspace, if it still exists then the script continues to the normal ending. But if the gun has been taken from workspace then the normal ending will be skipped using an else statement below it which will play the secret ending. For an example I made a story game with 4 different endings, try to find them all.

If you have any questions let me know.

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