Any problem with the decals?

I have been work on Roblox studio for building. I put one decal on the part then after a while later, I check it on the output to make there is no problem with the script. It has weird I ever see it before. Decal from the toolbox has some error or failure. I do remember I didn’t have any problem with the decal from last year. I wonder it only just me or someone do have a problem with this before?

I am sorry if my English language didn’t good.

This is way too vague to conceptualize the specifics on what you’re talking about. You don’t need an output or any script to make a simple decal work. I don’t think you know how to make a decal, which you can learn how with a simple article rather than a whole topic.

I don’t put decal in the script. I just put decal on the part and it have loading are failed somehow. The decals in roblox studio seem fine.

Yep, there is no issue. That’s just Roblox being stupid.

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Oo, okay then. Thank you for answer because it kinda gave me confused.