Any similar to Bloxburg color / material picker?

I have a current color picker that works:

But I would like to know if anyone has a color/material picker similar to Bloxburg?


make a gui where when you click the color tab the color picker shows up, same with the material. but if your asking about the different colored squares you can select from your going to have to put a bunch of text buttons and when you click them it makes the selected part that color

put this in a text button

local selected part = whatever part is selected
	part.Color = script.Parent.BackgroundColor.Color

obviously chanege “whatever part is selected” to the part that has been selected, i dont know if you have that scripted to select a part or not but if you do then there you go

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heres an example of my code

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Thanks, I know I can make a new script.
I was just asking if anyone knows if there is some ready-to-use similar script.

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