Any smart way to create custom banners?

I’d like to allow to player to create a custom banner in front of his office:

Currently, I can change only a few things, like limited fonts, colors, and size of the TextLabel.
I’d like to know if is there any service to create more complex banner backgrounds, 3D texts, etc, to allow the user to have a unique Logo for his office:

Is it possible to achieve such flexibility?

As of right now, no. Maybe you could open a feature request for such?

I’m sure this would make textlabels 25% more useful.

You could use an external program to design basic banners with black/white coloring, and allow users to select a banner then change the image color. Other than that, your options are pretty limited though.

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Yes, in a way. You could use photoshop to make a banner then instead of using a TextLabel use a ImageLabel. You might need to upload the file to roblox, first though.