Any thoughts about my map?


Looks like you are off to a good start! Although, you might want to consider getting into the habit of naming the parts something descriptive and grouping them (e.g. as a model). That will help you avoid headaches when the number of parts gets higher than a couple dozen.


thank you so much, ive been trying to make a good map but everyone says my maps suck


Saying your work sucks isn’t a very nice thing to say. There’s almost always someone who will be better than you at a given task, but it’s hard to stay bad at things you keep working to improve at. Nobody creates masterpieces when they’re still learning the ropes. Review what you make and decide what you like and what you don’t. Do more of the former and look for other ways to approach the later. Eventually your ability to create things will catch up to the idealized versions you have in your head. Keep at it. If yours was truly a lost cause I wouldn’t have commented.


thanks man for telling me that it makes me have hope

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Looks like you have a nice foundation for a map. But it does look a little empty I would consider more details but that might just be me. It would be nice with a close up of some parts of the map tho :wink:

A pretty solid yet simple map, nice work!
I would recommend you to group your parts or organize them in folders so your workspace doesn’t get flooded with nameless parts.

looks great so far but here are a few suggestions to take your map to the next level

  1. add some more detail to the ground. this meaning some kind of grass or vegetation or at least a material rather than having it be SmoothPlastic.
  2. group all buildings together to make it easier to find everything. because just leaving them at parts just makes everything get mixed up and it becomes really hard to find a specific part without having to go to it and click on it

other than that your map looks amazing!

Thank you guys so much for the feedback !!!

Simple but very cool, go growing up! Maybe if you use the terrain editor and add some details, but I liked it :smiley: