Any thoughts on my Undertale-inspired game over?

"What are you working on currently?
A class-based fighting game that centers around stuff from Undertale.


Looks really cool! I like the effects and UI.

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thank you! I spent last night working on it, so I’m glad you like it :smiley:

It looks fantastic! I’d love to see the game when it’s done!

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if the background was like deltarune, I would rate it 9999999999/10, but question, it would be epic if u said yes, but are you going to use guis for a fight system?

no, it’ll be like Soulshatters (undertale fighting game)

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I love it! also, I think it’s incredibly original! But maybe if I had to change something it could glitch out in that end screen before going back to the “Choose your Vessel” part

Btw, why is the image so streched

ah, im working on replacing the character images with real models right now!

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